CSC is a leading provider of financial services software, with a unique portfolio for banks and insurance companies worldwide

Around 10,000 CSC employees support nearly 5,500 financial services clients, including over 1,200 of the world’s premier financial services organisations and one-third of the world’s 50 biggest banks.

During the last five years, CSC has helped clients successfully complete more than 350 large-scale conversions, transitions, and transformations. It has a track record in developing solutions for statutory reporting, including the German Withholding Tax, Bundesbank reporting, and EU Savings Tax Initiative. The business is also committed to providing solutions to help companies meet the tactical goal of FATCA compliance – which calls for financial institutions to identify US citizens with foreign investments.

The Brief

CSC had developed a software proposition to support the arrival of FATCA. To help raise awareness, it wanted to create marketing collateral and sales tools to capture the attention of influencers, create revenue opportunities and generate brand value.

To support its marketing campaign, CSC needed to develop and maintain an integrated social media programme that informed market perceptions and boosted brand awareness among prominent groups of influencers. It had to get people talking about FATCA: what the impacts were likely to be and how CSC could help.

The Campaign

The issues and complexities surrounding FATCA are numerous, so the first step was drafting a White Paper. This served as an educational piece for sales teams and contacts, helping position CSC as the experts. The document also created a suitable backdrop to CSC’s software and consulting proposition, and an ideal way to prove expertise and leadership.

Next, Rostrum developed a FATCA “Checklist” outlining the ten steps organisations should consider when preparing to meet FATCA regulations. In the often complex and detail-heavy world of financial services, this list became a succinct and digestible tool for placing FATCA on the agenda and getting audiences to engage.

Rostrum took CSC into the Twittersphere too – joining conversations, starting debates and sharing comments on its behalf. A branded LinkedIn group was created as well, which key contacts were encouraged to join to receive timely updates, news and stories. We also wrote a weekly blog with opinions, comments and responses to FATCA in the news. Finally, CSC staff attended social media workshops, where they could learn the basics or refine their skills and start contributing to the messaging strategy.

The Results

During the three-month campaign we achieved the following:

  • On Twitter:
    1000+ tweets posted with a click-through rate of 25%.
    Countless retweets and mentions, reaching a combined audience of hundreds of thousands of influencers.
    15% of tweets drove traffic direct to CSC content
    The FATCA Checklist generated more than 100 sales leads for CSC
  • On LinkedIn:
    Persuaded 159 high-level influencers to join the FATCA Information Exchange.
    CSC’s Claudia Haberland was named as a ‘top influencer’ with over 3,000 members in her FATCA group.
    CSC connected with 290 industry influencers (on Twitter and LinkedIn), including HM Treasury and Deloitte.